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The Lincoln Center was established in 2000 and services students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ages 5-26 years), and Cognitive Impairment/Emotional Impairment (ages 5-26 years) from 17 downriver districts. We believe in providing educational opportunities that challenge students and respect all individuals. Additionally, we believe that all students can learn and achieve academic success, we believe in the importance of life-long learning and we believe that parent/guardian involvement is essential to student success.

This year we will focus on our use of data to drive academic and behavioral instruction, implementing the strategies to increase students' achievement in the Common Core Essential Elements, and providing exciting and challenging opportunities for all students. We will also continue to develop, implement and evaluate our school-wide positive behavior intervention support program; presenting our students with events and assemblies that help to foster a positive and safe environment.

All of the staff at TLC are excited to support the students academically, socially and emotionally. Together we will develop and maintain a school culture that leads to student success.

Lauren Feigel
Program Administrator 

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Student, Jakob, participating in "author's" chair.

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Michelle’s Story…a Parent and a Paraprofessional

June 2016

Nath, Michelle 6-16-2016My name is Michelle Nath. I work in an ASD classroom at Washington Elementary, which is a classroom through The Lincoln Center. I also have a son Ian, who is a student at Madison Center in an SXI classroom.  When I first sent Ian to school, I was completely terrified!! Even after the several tours (yes, I was that Mom that had to do more than one!) I had my little 3 year old, tube fed, special needs baby….. going to school….. without me…… riding a bus….. on his own!!! I mean, I know they would take care of him, but could they take care of him as well as I could at home? He was not taken care of like I would at home – It was so much better!! Little did I know that I did not have the skills or knowledge to help Ian succeed in life! In the classroom, the teacher and paras constantly worked with Ian to accomplish goals that I never thought would be possible! The OT’s, PT’s, and speech pathologists worked with him to communicate, walk, and even made special gloves for him to learn to use his pointer finger for the I-Pad and to pick up small objects (like M & M’s) with his two fingers! I really didn’t think these things could be possible for him to achieve – but he did it!! Also, when his helmet had to be used for more than keeping his head safe when he fell…. PBS gave us tools to decorate our home in red, yellow, green – which we still use every day!! Even the Nurse kept my mind at ease with his tube feedings – which was a major worry of mine!!  The communication I had with everyone was truly amazing and essential to the growth of Ian and me. Because seriously, we really had no idea what we were doing!! I felt so safe and secure knowing that Ian was truly in good hands! Everyone worked as a team – I know they not only had Ian in their best interest – but mine as well.  Being a team is so important in a classroom, not only for the kids, but the parents too. Knowing that when we are at our wits end, the teachers and paras can help us through with their knowledge and patience when we have nothing left!! In all honesty, we really depend on everyone at the school just as much as we count on the Doctors and their knowledge!! All of this is what teamwork meant to me as a parent. Which, without it, I really don’t know we would have survived!! I consider myself very fortunate and blessed for being able to do what I do for a job, and thankful that because of Ian I am standing here today telling some of our story! Seeing both sides as a parent and a paraprofessional has made me realize how completely important every single person in this program really is! You not only have been my voice of reason during the early difficult years of Ian’s life, but are still my voice on a daily at work!! I truly thank every one of you for giving me this AMAZING opportunity! Keep up the great work and know that you not only made a huge difference in my and Ian's life – but you are making a difference in the lives of the families you work with!!

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