District Wellness Policy & Procedures


2000.07 - HEALTH & SAFETY

The Board of Education recognizes that student wellness is integral to learning, growth and development. The School District will promote proper nutrition and nutrition education, as well as regular physical activity, as steps toward student wellness. The Superintendent or his/her designee will develop administrative procedures to implement this policy.

Even though families are the primary teachers for their children, the present and future health, safety, and well-being of students are also the concern of the School District.  Health and success in school are interrelated.  Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students and staff are not healthy and fit physically, mentally, and socially. The School District has a duty to help prevent unnecessary injury, disease, and chronic health conditions that can lead to disability or early death, and to teach students to take responsibility for their own health by adopting health-enhancing attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles. 

NUTRITION & WELLNESS PROCEDURES:                                                                                                    

  1. The School District shall encourage students to make nutritious food choices.

  2. Every year, all PreK-12 students shall have the opportunity to participate in supervised physical activities, either organized or unstructured, intended to maintain physical fitness and to understand the short- and long-term benefits of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

  3. Healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition education topics shall be integrated into and throughout the curriculum when appropriate.

  4. Food and beverages that compete with the District’s Procedures of promoting a healthy school environment shall be discouraged.

  5. The District shall monitor food service distributors and snack vendors to ensure that they provide predominately healthy food and beverage choices that comply with the District’s Procedures in all venues.

  6. The District shall encourage healthy fundraisers as alternatives to fund-raising that involve selling food items of limited nutritional value.

  7. Vending sales of soft drinks, artificially-sweetened drinks and candy will not be permitted on school grounds prior to the start of the school day or throughout the instructional day, but may be permitted at special events that begin after the conclusion of the instructional day.

  8. In order to send consistent messages to students, all adults in the school environment are encouraged to make healthy food choices and healthy lifestyle choices, and engage in physical activity.